Message from Doris Brothers,
Chief Editor of eForum

by  Doris Brothers

The spirit of this year's conference, "Forms and Transformations of Connectedness," seems to have inspired all of the regional eForum editors, as well as Estelle Shane and Eldad Iddan who joined us at our annual eForum meeting. New ideas for eForum just kept popping! Perhaps we were moved by the extraordinary richness of the offerings at the conference, or the message given by Shelley Doctors, IAPSP's new president, encouraging us to help build a stronger community. Or perhaps learning that eForum gets, on average, 1,850 visits each month gave us a needed shot in the arm!

Here's a sampling of some of the new items and features that will soon appear on eForum: a message from Lucyann Carlton, our Immediate Past President, will be followed by one from Shelly Doctors. Anna Ornstein will provide a summary of the wonderful preconference talk she and Paul presented. George Hagman, our new East-Coast editor, has offered to initiate a column called "Clinical Toolbox" in which IAPSP members will be invited to discuss the self-psychological ideas they find most helpful in their work with patients. He also will report on the meeting of the IAPSP Council so that everyone will know what took place there as well as on the meeting of his new Creativity Committee. Annette Richard will initiate a column about the IAPSP affiliates. Anne Paris is starting a column called "Book News" that invites IAPSP members to announce their new books or to review ones they love. And Estelle Shane will be the first among prominent members of our community to explain how they understand and use self psychology in a column called "My Self Psychology."

We will also update many of the existing eForum features. We are pleased to offer new posts by Bob Stolorow on his "Feeling, Relating, Existing" blog that also appears in Psychology Today. And, we will soon post summaries of the 2013 conference panels and additions to Carol Mayhew's column, "What Are You Reading Now?" (), Anne Paris's column, "Our Creative IAPSP Community," (), and "IAPSP Interviews," the column by Annette Richard.

We will continue to provide ways for you to let colleagues know what's happening in your life, your work, or your institute or training program. Just submit any news items to me () for posting on "Members' Updates," "Recent Publications," and "Institute News." I'd very much welcome any short articles or op-ed pieces you'd care to submit for review. And, of course, please send me any suggestions you might have for improving eForum.

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Book NewsA new column to announce a book you have written or review a book you love. We have so many talented writers among us. We want to provide a space to shine! Please send submissions to Anne Paris, PhD at


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