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Conference Panel Summaries: 2012 Conference

PANEL 2: Intersubjectivity, Complexity, and Specificity: Re-viewing Self Autonomy and Context Embeddedness in Clinical Practice

by Penelope S. Starr-Karlin, PsyD. & Howard A Bacal

PANEL 3: Facilitating Changes in the Sense of Self

by Annette Richard, M.Ps., James L. Fosshage, Ph.D. & Sandra G. Hershberg, M.D.

PANEL 4: Our Philosophers Consider: What is Meant by Self?

by Robert D. Stolorow, PhD, George E. Atwood, PhD, Roger Frie, Ph.D. Psy.D. R.Psych., Donna M. Orange, PhD & John Riker, PhD

Conference Panel Summaries: 2011 Conference

Blues and Emotional Trauma; A Musical Tribute to Kohut's Observations on the Psychological Functions of Music

by Anne Paris

Plenary 1: Psychoanalysis and Motivational Systems: A New Look

by Annette Richard

Plenary 2: Psychoanalysis and Combat Trauma: The Analysis of a War-Torn Soldier

by Russell Carr

Discussion of Dr. Russell Carr's Presentation on Plenary 2: "Psychoanalysis and Combat Trauma: The Analysis of a War-Torn Soldier"

by Doris Brothers

Plenary 3: In Treatment from Alternative Perspectives

by Jane Lewis

Panel on Philosophical Considerations in Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis, Culture, and the Legacy of Individualism: Thinking and Practicing Socioculturally

by Roger Frie

Five Points of Interplay Between Intersubjective-Systems Theory and Heidegger's Existential Philosophy, and the Clinical Attitudes They Foster

by Peter N. Maduro

Conference Panel Summaries: 2010 Conference

PANEL 1 From Israel: Self Psychology: A Transient Paradigm or an Infinite Potentiality?

by Annette Richard

PANEL 2 From Turkey: An Adolescent Journey: Filling the Void with Sound

by Serin Oget, MSW

PANEL 3 From Southern Europe: Empathy, Vulnerability, and Shame: Understanding the Therapeutic Process Today

by Paolo Stramba-Badiale


Conference Panel Summaries: 2009 Conference

Keynote Presentation: Honoring the Work of Marian Tolpin: Psychoanalysis on the Edge

by Ginny Rachmani

PANEL 1: Neuroscientific Advances in Understanding Empathy

by Todd F. Walker

PANEL 2: The Forward Edge of Theory: Self Psychology and Relational Responses to a Clinical Case

by Carol Mayhew

PANEL 3: Social Issues and Cultural Diversity: The Expanded Realm of Self Psychology

by Annette Richard

Kohut Memorial Lecture
What Do We Inherit? Comments on the Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma, Values and Ideals

by K. Medford Moreland


Conference Panel Summaries: 2008 Conference

PANEL 1: Reconsidering the Self System as It Resides in the Dyadic, Triadic, Ancestral, and Cultural Systems

by Nancy Goldman

PANEL 2: Adult Case: Balancing Enriching the Sense of Self and the Intersubjective Realm

by Amy Eldridge

PANEL 3: Child Case: Balancing Enriching the Sense of Self and the Intersubjective Realm

by Carol Mayhew

PANEL 4: Achieving Individuality through Creativity and Leadership: Biographical Studies of Selected Subjects

by Sandra Hershberg

Kohut Memorial Lecture
One Analyst's Journey

by Nancy VanDerHeide



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Conference Panel Summaries:
2013 Conference

Keynote Address: Progress in Self Psychology and its Impact on Contemporary Clinical Practice  

by Anna & Paul Ornstein


by Richard Geist, Bruce Herzog & Judith Guss Teicholz


by Scott Davis, Frank Lachmann & Arietta Slade


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